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Welcome to RAMAH RUNS Ragnar Relay Great River August 17-18, 2018

RAMAH RUNS Ragnar Relay Great River

RAMAH RUNS Ragnar Relay Great River

Meet Team Ramahgner, Camp Ramah's Ragnar Team! Ragnar is a 200+ mile relay race, with groups of runners teaming up for an overnight race to the finish line. While we now live all over the country we will be going back to our Midwestern roots to run the Ragnar Great River trail starting in Winona, Minnesota and finishing in Minneapolis!

Camp Ramah has been such an important part of our lives, and in shaping who are today. The friendships we made at camp, which have spanned decades, continue to enrich our lives through events like Ragnar. Not to mention those of us that married within the Ramah family!

We are so grateful to Camp Ramah for everything it has given us which is why we are running this race in Camp Ramah's honor! We want more kids to have the same amazing experiences at Camp Ramah that we had which is why we have chosen to raise money for the Camp Ramah Scholarship fund. We would love your support in running this extreme overnight race!


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