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Welcome to Miriam Herstein's Bat Mitzvah Donation Page

Miriam Herstein

Miriam Herstein

Thank you for visiting! Camp Ramah is the place where I have spent nine amazing summers. I have been going there since I was three years old. At camp, I have built lifelong friendships with my aidah(age group). I enjoy participating in activities such as swimming, boating, art, acting, and basketball.

With your donation we can help ensure that all kids can experience the amazing place that Camp Ramah in Wisconsin is, regardless of financial need. Overnight camp is very expensive, and many campers, including me, would not be able to enjoy it without the support of scholarships and financial aid .

Todah Rabah, Thank you!

Miriam Herstein


raised of $1,800 goal

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Well done! May you have good cheese in your future endeavors!
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You are a beautiful young lady with a Neshamah to match.