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Welcome to Benji Kaufman's Page

Michael Kaufman

Benji Kaufman's Bar Mitzvah

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin means so much to me.

Camp is comforting, warm, fun, amazing. Some of my best friends are camp friends. My favorite memories are camp memories.

Everything I do at camp helps to make me the Jewish person that I am.

In honor of my Bar Mitzvah, please consider a donation to the scholarship fund so that every kid can get to experience what I did.

Thank you.

Love, Benji

p.s. Check out 2:17 in the video below...


raised of $9,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Teaneck Lindenbaums
Mazal tov Benji! Kol hakavod for sharing your celebration with Camp Ramah! xxxooo
2. Tali, Josh, Mickey, Ella & Abby
Mazal Tov and a big bear hug to a true mentsch!
3. The Meltzers
Mazel tov! We love you! - The Meltzers
4. Barbara And Norman Gold
5. Anonymous
Dear Benji, Mazel on your Bar Mitzvah. You did such a great job!!! Sue and Jon Gutstein
6. Manuel Feldman
Benji, gone are the days when your father supplied you with french fries. Now that you are a man you can get your own. I am so proud of you. Love, Uncle Manny