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Alex Schapiro's Bar Mitzvah Page

Alex Schapiro

Alex Schapiro's Bar Mitzvah

Camp Ramah is my home away from home. Camp is always my favorite part of the year, and I really want others to be able to experience this wonderful place. To help any kid who wants to come to camp, please donate here to the Ramah Scholarship Fund to let these kids have as much fun as I do.


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Recent Donations

1. Debra Polin
Mazel Tov! I loved Camp Ramah too - this is an awesome way to give back and let other kids enjoy the wonderful experience of Camp Ramah. Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate with you. Heard you were terrific. Debbie and Kenny Polin
2. Benjamin Singer
Hi Alex, I realized I didn't give you a present yet. But I found your page and love it. I think it's awesome of you to do this. More kids should be able to go to camp. I hope it's not too late and that you're enjoying the rest of your time in Praha!
3. Anonymous
4. Carly Winick
Mazel Tov!
5. Jay Schapiro
Mazel Tov. You did a tremendous job. It will be a time that our family will remember for years to come. All our best. Jay/Lyn and family from Balto.
6. Elaine Adler
Congratulations on another celebration since your mom was a baby. Elaine and Jerry Adler