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Welcome to Aiden and Hannah's Page

Jayme Ernsteen

Aiden & Hannah Love Camp Mitzvah Project

Thank you for visiting. Camp Ramah in Wisconsin is a very important part of Aiden and Hannah's lives. They spend the 5 months before camp begins excited to go and the 5 months after camp ends talking about the amazing times they had. Each year at Camp Ramah is better than the last and much of it comes from the friends they have made and get to see every summer. Your donation will not be used the same way as other camper donations. We have created this foundation to allow a child with special needs to go to camp. The donations received here, including any future donations, will support one needy camper to allow them to come back to Camp Ramah every summer as long as as they want. When they have finished at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, the donation moves to another needy camper.

We have watched Aiden and Hannah grow every summer. Camp Ramah in Wisconsin has become a large part of their Jewish identity and has shaped their personalities. It comes from the friendships they have made every summer which continue to get stronger each year. We want to help the kids that cannot afford Camp Ramah to have this opportunity.

Please help us enable a child to attend Camp Ramah in Wisconsin for multiple years while having fun and creating life-long friendships.

Aiden and Hannah will add to this page when they return from Camp Ramah in Wisconsin this summer.

Thank you for your donation and passing this to your friends and family,

-Aiden, Hannah, Jayme & Gary


raised of $9,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Sherwin Ditlove
Mazel Tov on your Bnai Mitzvah. Love Lynn and Sherwin
2. Anonymous
A very unique approach, Mazel Tov to both of you.
3. Barb & Ed Litt
Mazel tov.
4. Anonymous
Great job!
5. Charles Tannenbaum
We're very proud of you two!!! Chuck "Zvi" and Sue Tannenbaum
6. Anonymous
Mazel Tov. You are doing a real mitzvah by helping at Camp Ramah.